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Who inspires you?

“Who inspires you?”

“Who inspires you?” - #inthezone 56 is one of those questions which is asked of us many times. Without being disrespectful to the person who is asking the question, it’s such a bloody cliché...

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Facebook Stories Update

Facebook stories update coming soon and MORE!

The team down at Snapchat must be fuming…or perhaps they’re flattered? However they’re feeling, it doesn’t change the fact that Facebook are blatantly copying their “stories” feature! This wouldn’t be the first-time Snapchat was copied. Not too long ago Instagram rolled out the same thing. Instagram Stories...

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Comfort zones

Comfort Zones: What the F%*K!

Comfort Zones: What the F%*K! If you want to live a life of mediocrity, where you haven’t experienced the joy of accomplishing a goal whilst working your butt off, you’ve been subjected to countless knock backs, doubters, jealously and the obligatory look of suppressed “what the...

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