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If you want success, then QUIT

If you want success, then QUIT…

#inthezone 53 - If you want success, then QUIT They say success means different things to different people. One person’s perception of success, could be another person’s idea of failure. One thing we must understand is measurement. It is a core fundamental for success to be achieved...

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5 awesome examples of emoji marketing

5 awesome examples of emoji marketing

From the keyboards of millennials to mainstream advertising, the journey of emojis has been a long but prosperous one! Now you may think emoji marketing is strictly digital, however, some companies have used them offline very successfully. For those unfamiliar with how major brands have been using...

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Unlimited PPC Clicks

Unlimited PPC Clicks for £75.00!

Earlier this week I was speaking to a friend who contacted me for some advice. He mentioned that he had been approached by a UK company offering 5 key phrases for Google AdWords at £75.00 per month, irrespective of whether he gets 100 or 1000...

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Complete guide to YouTube Optimisation

The Complete Guide to YouTube Optimization

*Whether you want to create videos in order to further your brand, or you simply want to become the next viral YouTube sensation, it’s vitally important to properly optimize your channel and the videos there within. There is a myriad of different ranking factors for YouTube videos, and plenty of different areas which need to be optimized in order to get optimal search engine performance from your videos.

Throughout this post, I’ll go through the ways in which YouTube ranks videos as well as the areas that you should be properly optimizing in order to adhere to these ranking factors and plenty of tips on how you can optimize your videos/channel.

What's next for Wow Zone

What’s next for Wow Zone? – #inthezone 51

What’s next for Wow Zone? – #inthezone 51 2016 has been a heck of a ride, with most wishing that 2017 would just hurry up. We suffered losses, lived through Brexit and Trump, but, most importantly, learned many lessons the hard way! Memes like this have begun to...

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